Adult Acne Vs Teen Acne: What Is The Difference Between Adult Acne And Teen Acne ?

Adult Acne Vs Teen Acne: What Is The Difference Between Adult Acne And Teen Acne ?

Are you treating your pimples now the same way you did in your teens? Pimples are caused by blocked pores, which can lead to sebum plugs or inflammation. But what first causes these blockages is different for teens and adults.


Teenage pimples are mostly caused by oversecretion of sebum.

As hormone levels increase, more sebum is produced which clogs pores, helps dirt to build up, and creates an environment for pimple-causing bacteria to thrive. With this in mind, a proper cleansing routine is a major help in preventing teen breakouts.


For adults, pimples are caused by lifestyle habits and do not have a single source, making it difficult to deal with. They’ve been linked to

  • unbalanced diet
  • sleep deprivation
  • stress
  • dehydration
  • constipation
  • slow skin regeneration

Look into your current lifestyle and habits, and change them for the better so your skin reverts back to its original state.


For ladies, take note as hormonal imbalance can also cause pimples. After ovulation and before your period, your body produces more of the luteal hormone progesterone. This stimulates sebum secretion, causing pores to clog easily and become pimples.

Right before your period, avoid consuming oily foods and increase your vitamin intake. Tracking your own menstrual cycle can be key in keeping your skin clear!


  • Teen pimples and adult pimples are caused by different things, requiring different approaches to treat them.
  • To treat adult pimples, start from changing your lifestyle habits.
  • It is helpful to track your menstrual cycle to aid in pimple prevention.

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